what's display hdr technology

August 24, 2021
Latest company news about what's display hdr technology

The consumer electronics market continues to pursue high picture quality and high emulation, more and more PC monitors, TVs, screens are beginning to support HDR (High-Dynamic Range) technology, compared to traditional SDR consumers can get better contrast, brightness and color accuracy performance, the current release of HDMI 2.1 standard also adds a series of new features, which Dynamic HDR (Dynamic HDR)
HDR technology is an acronym for High Dynamic Light Rendering, also known as High Dynamic Range, compared to ordinary image processing, HDR can provide more dynamic performance and image details, according to the best details corresponding to different exposure times to synthesize the final image, can better reflect the visual effects of objects in the real environment own; DisplayHDR three levels are required to true 8-bit color DisplayHDR 400 standard is 400nit brightness, 95% of the ITU-R BT.709 color gamut, VESA Association explained that 400nit brightness than the existing SDR standard brightness on the screen of notebooks 50nit higher, while the mainstream panel color is the existing 6-bit dithering to 8- bit, in addition DisplayHDR 400 also requires HDR-10 support.